Flashback: The Chefs of the Future, 1985

OK, well this isn’t actually so much a flashback.

Rather, it’s what you might call a futurific artifact from the Chefs of the Future.

Or whatever.

You see, although it’s been more than two decades since the Chefs of the Future played their last gig, this is actually a brand new video that’s just now making its official debut.

The song is “WEST,” written by the Chefs’ bassist Joe Pasko. The studio recording that’s heard here was engineered by Rob Seals (who was a member of such Nippertown fave bands as Lumpen Proles and Home) and originally appeared on the Chefs of the Futures’ cassette-only 1985 album, “Hub.” That’s right, boys & girls, a cassette-only album release…

After the Chefs called it quits, Pasko went on to become a member of the Siren Sisters and MotherJudge & the Urban Holiness Society. Drummer John Lapi signed on with the Stomplistics and now plays with Jocamo. Michael Eck churned his way through way too many bands to be named here and now performs solo as well as with Ramblin Jug Stompers and Lost Radio Rounders. And finally, Chefs’ bandleader Tom Lindsay is the other half of Lost Radio Rounders.


  1. Matt Mac Haffie says

    With a little tweak it could be used by WEXT. I smell Royalties.

  2. hojohifive says

    One of my top 5 all time favorite local bands.

  3. Thomas Lail says

    This warms my heart… I am fwding to Mr Seals….

  4. Tim W. says

    My wife actually knew one of the guys. She worked with him. He gave her a copy of the “HUB” cassette. Their sound was the epitome of the ’80s. They should’ve been huge.

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