Flashback: Lark Street Music TV Commercial

It’s hard to believe that Buzzy Levine and his fabulous Lark Street Music store packed up and left Albany more than a decade ago. Here’s a television spot for the Albany store from sometime in the late ’80s, we’re guessing. 1989, maybe?

PS: Buzzy and Lark Street Music are still going strong, by the way – just not in Albany. These days, you’ll find ’em in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Thanks to Michael Eck for the tip…

  1. michael eck says

    And don’t forget, down in Teaneck, Buzzy still has a bigger than life size Nipper in the window!

  2. Graham Tichy says

    Buzzy was a brave man to put that blond Byrdland in the destructive hands of Johnny Rabb!

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