2011’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

OK, the announcement was made this morning, and here’s who will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on March 14 in New York City:
Neil Diamond
Alice Cooper
Tom Waits
Dr. John
Darlene Love

Now the jostling for the podium begins. Who do you think should give the introductory speech for Tom Waits?

By the way, here’s who was nominated, but did not get in:
Donna Summer
Bon Jovi
LL Cool J
The Beastie Boys
Chuck Willis
Joe Tex
Laura Nyro


  1. Andy M. says

    Springsteen seems like an obvious choice to induct Tom Waits but it would be much cooler if they got John Hammond, Jr. and/or Scarlett Johansson, who have each recorded an entire album of his work.

    Marilyn Manson could give the Alice Cooper speech.

    Allan Toussaint should definitely present Dr. John’s award.

    Phil Spector could present Darlene Love’s award remotely from his prison cell.

    Neil Diamond’s should be presented by local legend Al Bruno.

  2. skfl says

    A surprisingly solid list – Darlene Love + Tom Waits rocks me!

    It does seem like only a matter of time before the Beasties Boys (deservingly) get in – I’m not sure if LL Cool J should get in on the strength of “Radio” alone (if that is the case, I’m voting for Slick Rick ahead of him).

  3. martyn says

    hmmm – i wonder if that’s Alice Cooper the band, or Alice Cooper, the singer? It would be great to see a reunion of the band, they were great!

  4. Roger Green says

    I think that Laura Nyro ultimately should get in as a songwriter if not a performer. On my imaginary ballot, I had Diamond and Nyro, for sure.
    I second Allan Toussaint for Dr. John’s award.
    I figure Ronnie Spector for Darlene Love.

  5. Greg says

    It is indeed – and very wisely – Alice Cooper the band.
    Unlike the way the Hall dissed Lenny Kaye and mates by inducting Patti Smith, but not the Patti Smith Group.

  6. Greg says


    Yeah, I was thinking Ronnie Spector, too, but I’ll bet they go more mainstream and have Carole King induct Darlene Love. On the other hand, maybe King will induct Neil Diamond.

    And I’ll bet Billy Joel presents to Dr. John.

  7. Brennan Fan says

    Kathleen Brennan would be a nice choice to induct Mr. Waits. She has cowritten some of his best work.

    If she prefers to remain in the shadows Don Van Vliet is the obvious choice.

  8. J Hunter says

    I can live with this group. The Hall’s had a tin ear (or is it a tin memory) too many times, but I can’t see any of the “honorable mentions” getting in over the inductees. Nyro deserves to be in as a songwriter, but not over Diamond.

  9. TL says

    As far as the wagering on who will present the inductees with the honors, here are my predictions and thoughts of what could/should happen:

    Neil Diamond: Should be Chris Isaak, he is funny and comes from that vocal/entertainer school. Will probably be someone lamer..

    Dr. John: Will be Harry Connick Jr. It fits, kind of, and meets the Hall’s lame quota..

    Darlene Love: Will be Bruce or Little Steven… again… they both do a great job but please, some new blood..

    Tom Waits; They need to get it right with someone special for this one. We need a female presenter and I go with Patti Smith. Let a beat=poet and artist induct to a beat-poet and artist.. If not her, they better come up with someone fitting.

    Alice Cooper: let’s see all of his cool friends, “Hollywood Vampires”, and celebs, that he used to hang with; Groucho Marx dead… Harry Nilsson dead… John Lennon dead… Keith Moon dead.. and early mentor Frank Zappa dead.. so how about one of his new friends.. John McCain? Will probably be Gene Simmons or a lamer second generation shock-rocker.

    The R&RHOF did get it right, for a change, by making it the original Alice Cooper Group and not just Alice. The four albums, “Love it to the Death”, “Killer”, “School’s Out” and “Billion Dollar Babies” are the only reason the Coop should even be considered and the fact that guitarist Michael Bruce and the band wrote or co-wrote many of the best songs is proof positive they deserve the nod. Too bad the late-great lead guitarist Glen Buxton isn’t around to make it a full-fledged reunion.

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