Capital Underground Live Local Music Showcases Move Out of the Armory

Capital Underground Radio Live

Back in October, tireless local music promoter Ralph Renna announced his plans to host three big local music concerts at the Washington Avenue Armory in Albany.

The first one of the Capital Underground Live concerts was held last Saturday.

But now Renna has announced that last Saturday’s show was the only one that will take place at the armory. The next concert – which is scheduled for Saturday, January 15 – has been moved from the Washington Avenue Armory and will now take place at Bogie’s in Albany.

The show will feature a line-up of 10 local bands – Heal These Wounds, Street Sweeper, Nephalum, In the Casket, Distopic, Maggot Brain, Armor Column, Accusations of the Insane, Amalgama and Wasteform.

Doors open at 2:30pm, and the show will run from 3-10pm on Saturday, January 15. Admission is $10.

That January showcase will also be the official CD release party for “Capital Underground: The Album,” a 2-CD set featuring 35 Nippertown bands. The album will be given away for free at Capital Underground Live events.

Bands to be featured on the double-disc set include: Probing Digit, Black John Wayne, To Hell And Back, Cletus, David Fey, Awar, Dirty Stayouts, Dryheave, Sofa Kingz, Ashes of Ruin, Outlaw Mystic, Stuck On Stupid, Gunther Weezul, Charmboy, Nephalum, Selfish Needy Creatures, Skeletons In the Piano, Museum Guards, Brick By Brick, Shyste, Dead-Lift, Scharling, In The Casket, the Penny Knight Band, Letchworth, Cardiac Noose, Dawn of the Hero, Purifier, Orchard, Amalgama, Distopic, Brawler, Accusations of the Insane, Here is My Obituary and the Power.

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