Checkin’ into Pauly’s Hotel

Dr. John performing at Pauly's Hotel in the 80's
Dr. John performing at Pauly's Hotel in the early 80's

Yes, here’s some unexpected but welcome news:

Pauly’s Hotel on Central Avenue in Albany is celebrating its grand re-opening today.

No word yet on whether live music will be a part of the plans, but that sure would be nice. We saw some pretty fabulous shows at Pauly’s back in the day – including Rick Danko, the Bad Livers, Alison Krauss, Brave Combo, Doug Sahm, the Spanic Boys and such badass piano pounders as Pinetop Perkins and soon-to-be-Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Dr. John.

And even if they don’t host live music, at least there will be a broader choice of adult beverages the next time we head over to The Linda, as Pauly’s is just across the street.

PS: And, yes, Pauly’s was also the site of Phish’s first Albany performance.

PPS: If you’re a Facebooker, you can visit the nifty, I Remember Pauly’s Hotel in the 1980’s-90’s page. (Photo of Dr. John via Don Dworkin.

  1. Andy M. says

    PPPS: Erin Harkes has an original song called “Pauly’s Hotel”.

  2. LP says

    Absolutely…. Pauly’s wil be a great warm up spot for the Linda even if there is no music there….other local possibilities are slim and “scary”

  3. Mike H. says

    I remember a kick-ass Johnny Clyde Copeland show back in the early 90s. The thrill of my life, up to that point, was when I was up against the stage and I got to hold his Les Paul when he walked through the crowd mid-set. I still have one of his guitar picks!

  4. martyn says

    there was a dave alvin show, and marshall crenshall got up and sang some songs, or did i dream that?

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