Most Disappointing Concerts of 2010: Nippertown’s Greg Haymes

No matter how objective you might try to be as a reviewer, you always bring a certain degree of expectation with you when you go to see a concert. And, yes, I bring a much higher level of expectation to a concert by an artist who I like (say, Emmylou Harris) than I do to one by an artist that I have no particular affinity for (say, Michael Buble) or one that I know nothing about (say, most of the hipster indie rock collectives from Brooklyn).

When that level of expectation isn’t met, well, that’s pretty much the definition of disappointment, isn’t it?

So these are not necessarily the worst concerts of the year. They’re not even necessarily bad concerts – although I would have to say that the top two entries would definitely be on my list of Worst Performances of the Year, if I were bored enough to write one up – just concerts that didn’t live up to the hopes and expectations that I had when I walked into the concert hall.

Having said all that, here are my candidates for the Most Disappointing Capital Region Concerts of the Year:

1. Herbie Hancock @ Tanglewood, Lenox, Monday, August 9 (Read review)
2. Richie Havens @ the Eighth Step at Proctors, Schenectady, Saturday, March 6 (Read review)
3. Janelle Monae at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, Friday, October 1 (Read review)
4. The Gin Blossoms at Alive at Five, Albany, Thursday, July 1 (Read review)
5. Jakob Dylan & Three Legs @ The Egg, Albany, Saturday, April 17 (Read review)
6. Sachel Vasandani @ SPAC’s Spa Little Theater, Saratoga Springs, Thursday, June 3 (Read review)
7. JP, Chrissie & the Fairground Boys @ the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, Troy, Wednesday, October 6 (Read review)
8. Eli “Paperboy” Reed & the True Loves @ LarkFest, Albany, Saturday, September 25 (Read review)
9. Diana Ross @ the Palace Theatre, Albany, Wednesday, September 15 (Read review)
10. Emmylou Harris at The Egg, Albany, Sunday, November 14 (Read review)

Got a Best of 2010 list that you’d like to contribute? Best concerts of the year? Best local music moments of the year? Best whatever? Please send it along to [email protected]

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  1. Kevin Marshall says

    The two that stick out for me are Gin Blossoms and Eli “Paperboy” Reed.

    With the Gin Blossoms, after not hearing anything from a barely mediocre band for about fifteen years on a nostalgia tour, can we be surprised when they just mail it in?

    As for Eli Reed, I never got the boner people got for him (other than he’s a WHITE GUY who sings BLACK STUFF!). I heard him and he sounded like the poor man’s Raphael Saadiq.

  2. J Hunter says

    Co-sign on Sachal Vasandani — lots of potential, but I expected more than potential — and I’ll throw in Stefon Harris & Blackout’s flat-as-a-flounder appearance at Freihofer’s Jazz Festival for good measure. And while I didn’t see Havens at the 8th Step, I had the misfortune of catching him when he played MASS MoCA, and it was the equivalent of listening to your burned-out uncle talking about how great Woodstock was. At one point Havens spent two minutes talking to one part of the audience… without a microphone. Sad. Really sad.

  3. LP says

    I am with you all the way Greg on JP Chrissie show. I was really looking forward to this one only like you to be upset with the mix…could not hear her vocals…and too loud for The Hall. Spoiled by the Pretenders live shows more than a few years back. Thankfully this was the only one on your list I attended.

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