There Goes the Judge! There Goes the Judge!

Doc Scanlon’s Rhythm Boys were slated to play at The Judge’s Inn in Troy on Saturday night – the first night of 2011. But the show won’t go on as scheduled.

The final gavel has come down, and Judge’s Inn is shuttering its doors.

Quite the short-lived adventure it was, too. The Judge’s Inn – located at 254 Broadway at the site of the former Golden Fox restaurant – first opened its doors with a soft, non-alcoholic opening on Thursday, May 20. With its liquor license finally in hand, the inn began serving a full complement of beer, wine and cocktails on Friday, June 4.

Now, just about six months later, it looks like it’s all over.

In addition to its bar and restaurant business, the Judge’s Inn also hosted the Workingman’s Jam, an open mic night, performances by local bands (Flynn 529, the Chris Busone Band, Folding Sky, to name a few), swing dance nights and our personal favorite – Harptallica, a pair of very lovely, classical harpists whose repertoire consisted of songs by Metallica, Iron Maiden and other seriously headbanging bands. (Read our review here.)

Sadly, Nippertown loses yet another live music venue…

  1. Mack the Knife says

    Maybe of he didn’t mouth off about his off the wall political views, fewer people would have felt “dirty” supporting the venue!

  2. Artful Dodger says

    Yeah the time Artie put on Socialist Night at P4th in honor of President Obama’s visit to the Capital Region was the last time I supported one of his ventures… this flaming liberal says f-you.

  3. Get the Facts Right says

    Artie was not an owner of The Judge’s Inn… and hadn’t been for months.

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