Top 10 Concerts That I Missed in 2010: Nippertown’s Greg Haymes

Maybe I was out of town. Or gigging somewhere. Or previously committed to another event. Or sometimes, I’ll admit, I just made the wrong decision. Whatever. After all of these years, I’ve finally come to realize that I can’t be everywhere.

Some of these are regrets, and I wish I could do over. Some, I’m sorry I missed, but I’d probably end up missing them again. And anyway, it’s only a hypothetical list because – sad to say – I didn’t actually see any of these shows.

So let’s just call ’em the Top 10 Shows That I Wish I’d Seen, But I Didn’t:

1. Lee Konitz @ A Place for Jazz, Schenectady, Friday, September 10
2. Alejandro Escovedo, Hammel On Trial @ The Egg, Albany, Thursday, September 30
3. Neil Young, Bert Jansch at the Palace Theatre, Albany, Tuesday, May 18
4. Christian Scott, Buster Williams @ Lake George Jazz Festival, Shepard Park, Lake George, Saturday-Sunday, September 18-19
5. Jake Holmes @ Saratoga Arts, Saratoga Springs, Saturday, September 11
6. Jill Sobule at the Bearsville Theater, Woodstock, Saturday, May 16
7. Adam Lambert @ the Palace Theatre, Albany, Monday, August 23
8. Matthew Shipp Trio at the Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy, Thursday, April 1
9. Peter Wolf at The Egg, Albany, on Friday, May 21
10. Audra McDonald @ Tanglewood, Lenox, Sunday, July 18

Got a Best of 2010 list that you’d like to contribute? Best concerts of the year? Best local music moments of the year? Best whatever? Please send it along to [email protected]

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  1. J Hunter says

    I have to say Matthew Shipp was slow going. The man operates on a three-dimensional-chess level, but you have to REALLY be in the mood for what he plays. Great accompanying exhibition, though, by this amazing photographer named… Ummm… Wait, don’t tell me, it’s on the tip of my tongue… 🙂

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