RIP: Gerry Rafferty, 1947-2011


Some folks only know the work of Scottish singer-songwriter Gerry Rafferty because of the inclusion of his song, “Stuck in the Middle With You,” in the 1992 film “Reservoir Dogs.”

And that’s a shame…

Rafferty – who died today after a lengthy illness – was sooo much more than just that.

Last April, in celebration of Rafferty’s 63rd birthday, we declared that Rafferty’s biggest solo hit, “Baker Street,” was nothing less than “one of the greatest pop songs of all times.” And today, we stand by that proclamation as we remember the music that he left behind.

From his early days with the Humblebums (also featuring Billy Connolly, future comedian and actor) to Stealers’ Wheel to his solo work, Rafferty had a rare gift that made his music intimately personal and yet simultaneously universal.

For more about Gerry Rafferty, check out Michael Gray’s obituary for him in The Guardian.

  1. Andy M. says

    The story of Gerry’s last couple decades is a cautionary tale of addiction. May he rest in peace.

  2. Andrew Gregory says

    And that guitar solo still gives me chills when it comes in at 4:40

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