Best Local Albums of 2010: Nippertown’s Greg Haymes

Phantogram went national with the release of “Eyelid Movies” on Barsuk Records in February.

Sirsy signed a deal with Funzalo Records in March.

And Sean Rowe got signed to Anti- Records in November.

No question about it, 2010 was a bona fide breakout year for local music makers, and yeah, it certainly looks as though right now there’s more reason to be optimistic about the state of the Nippertown music scene than ever before.

But despite all of the national attention, a lot of the best homegrown music of 2010 seemed to fly under the radar with little or no hometown recognition.

We here at would like to do our humble part to rectify that situation with our own examination of the best Local 518 music that we heard this year. Here’s a list of our faves.

And you can hear selections from the Nippertown Top 10 Countdown tonight on WEXT-FM at 8pm (re-broadcast at 6pm on Saturday):

1. Jim Sande’s “Harvest Bell Ride” ( – It’s subtle, but also richly rewarding instrumental music. Intoxicating, classically tinged chamber music that just doesn’t seem to fit into any particular musical pigeon-hole. And we love it…

2. The Charlie Watts Riots’ “Long Story Short” (The Soundcheck Republic) – The debut album of the year from a group of long-tenured musicians on the scene. Power pop to the eleventh degree.

3. Sensemaya’s “Shake It!” (Lakesound Records) – Another killer debut. Led by keyboardist David Gleason, Nippertown’s premier Latin jazz combo proved that they can do it in the studio – and get funky, too.

4. Jed Davis’ “The Cutting Room Floor” (Eschatone Records) – The fractured pop genius behind Hanslick Rebellion and other local bands returns from his hiatus in Brooklyn and finally unleashes his 10-years-in-the-making masterwork.

5. George Muscatello’s “Angel Dust” (Collar City Records) – Veteran jazz guitarist finally makes his solo debut, and it’s not jazz. In fact, it’s utterly unclassifiable. It may be the most challenging album of the year, but it may also be the most rewarding.

6. Phantogram’s “Eyelid Movies” (Barsuk Records) – No question about it, Phantogram is Nippertown’s band of the year. Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel conjure up some intriguing electro-pop, and we can’t wait to hear what’s coming next.

7. Kevin Bartlett’s “Songs for the Big Kablooey” (Aural Gratification) – After years of electro-symphonic ambient-oriented instrumental music, the Woodstock musical maverick headed back into David Bowie-meets-Pink Floyd glam-pop with glorious results.

8. David Malachowski’s “The Secret Life of Colonel David” ( – Over the course of his very impressive career as a sideman with everyone from Savoy Brown to Shania Twain, our fave ace guitarslinger-for-hire finally made his solo debut – and he played everything himself.

9. Rob Skane’s “Phantom Power Trip” (LoFi Records) – Having banged around town with bands like the Dugans and the Lawn Sausages as well as a number of solo efforts, Skane finally made the album that he’s always had in him.

10. Tern Rounders’ “Tern Rounders” ( – Perhaps the most tumultuous release of the year, co-founder Marc Clayton parted company with the alt-country combo just a week before the band’s crackling sophomore album was released. Fortunately, co-leader and vocalist Kim Kilby is determined to carry on.

Matthew Carefully’s “Community Balloon” (Collar City Records)
Keith Pray’s Big Soul Ensemble’s “Live at the Lark Tavern” (
Todd Nelson’s “Here” (
Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius & Heard’s “Karibu” (
Michael Eck’s “In My Shoes” (Mandala Hand)
Ill Funk Ensemble’s “Catching Wreck” (
Swamp Baby’s “All Fours” (Collar City Records)
The Last Conspirators’ “When It All Comes Down” (Driving Rain Music)
Taina Asili y la Banda Rebelde’s “War Cry” (
Fall Harbor’s “Meet Me at the Water” (
Chris Carey’s “Sunset Moon” (
Bob Warren’s “Bob Warren” (KBW Music)

BAND OF THE YEAR: Phantogram. Do we really need to explain why?

BEST CD COVER ART: Blue Factory’s “Limekiln”
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Swamp Baby’s “All Fours” and Matthew Carefully’s “Community Balloon”

BEST DEBUT: The Charlie Watts Riots’ “Long Story Short”
HONORABLE MENTION: Sensemaya’s “Shake It!”

MOST OVERDUE DEBUT: David Malachowski’s “The Secret Life of Colonel David”
HONORABLE MENTION: Todd Nelson’s “Here”

BEST COMPILATION: “The 3rd Annual B3nson Family Funsgiving” featuring Scientific Maps, BEWARE! The Other Head of Science, We Are Jeneric, Barons in the Attic, more.

BEST WAX CYLINDER RELEASE: Jed Davis’ “Yuppie Exodus for DUMBO.” OK, there wasn’t much – or, in fact, any – competition in this category. But this was one serious way-off-the-beaten-track effort, and that’s exactly why we love it so much.

BEST RECORD LABEL: Collar City Records for George Muscatello’s “Angel Dust,” Matthew Carefully’s “Community Balloon,” Swamp Baby’s “All Fours,” Mount Mole’s “MMX” and the fact that Anti- Records is re-releasing Sean Rowe’s “Magic” as is in February – without any re-mixing or anything else.

NIPPERTOWN’S MUSIC MAN OF THE YEAR: Matthew Carefully for his all-around Nippertown music scene support; releasing at least four albums of his own – “Live at The Linda: 2/25/10,” “Community Balloon,” “Music to Fall Asleep To, Vol. 1” and “St. Joseph’s Obilivion”; spearheading Collar City Records; and much, much more. In addition to navigating a particularly tricky name change, too.

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  1. Andrew Gregory says

    I’m sure I’m not the only one noticing a national trend, echoed in local releases, toward duo’s & single-person releases.

  2. Last Conspirators says

    Honored to be mentioned… Thank you Nippertown!

  3. Rubypet says

    sirsy and other artists did get a front page story in the times union a week ago. But I am not saying it could not be better.

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