Other Voices, Other Rooms

Over at Get Visual, David Brickman reviews the ongoing “Uncertain Spectator” art exhibition and, in the process, journeys through EMPAC at RPI in Troy with an “uncertain” degree of confusion. Ultimately, he’s rewarded…

This isn’t exactly arts-related, but since nature is such an elemental inspiration to the arts (and because he does it so well), we’d like to recommend the new hiking blog of our good buddy Ed Atkeson – artist, co-founder of the late, much-lamented Firlefanz Gallery, former drummer with Standing Offer and director/puppet master of Firlefanz Puppets. Last month, he discovered the Plotter Kill Preserve in Rotterdam, and he’s been recounting his journeys on his aptly named blog, Hiking the Plotter Kill Preserve.

Over at her Daily Gazette blog Foss Forward, Sara Foss weighs in with a round-up of some of the local concerts that she’s most looking forward to this winter.

Looking back and looking forward: Gailsez lists her best theater productions of 2010 and a handy list of links to 2011 season announcements.

Sebastien Barre, who we interviewed last August here and here has another interesting, extremely readable interview over at All Over Albany:

The myth that there isn’t anything to do in the Capital Region needs to die in a fire…I have lived in a few major cities like Paris and Berlin, there is an inertia I don’t feel subjected to in Albany. It doesn’t take me 45 minutes to see my friends, or an hour just to leave town on weekends. There *is* a local music scene, concerts nearby, free shows in the summer, galleries, experimental art and very respectable museums within an hour.

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