Kickstartin’ Alta Mira


Kickstarter has proven to be a surprisingly effective method for musicians to finance their projects – recording, video, tour, whatever – by appealing directly to fans.

Numerous Nippertown bands – from Sgt. Dunbar & the Hobo Banned to Lunic (UPDATE: Lunic used Sellaband, not Kickstarter) to the Red Lions to C. Ryder Cooley – have benefited from Kickstarter.

And Alta Mira is the one of the latest bands to throw their collective hat into the Kickstarter ring, hoping to raise $5,000 from fans to complete the recording of their next album. One problem with Kickstarter, however, is that if the funding goal isn’t reached by the deadline, then the band doesn’t receive any of the pledged money.

Alta Mira’s project has raised only $1,525 so far, and the deadline for donations is Sunday, January 30. Which means that they have less than three weeks to raise 70 percent of their funding goal.

Donations for Alta Mira’s project can be made on a number of different levels – from $1 to $500 – and the donor is rewarded with a variety of different gifts from the band any each level. Donate $250, for example, and you’ll receive a digital copy of the album, a signed vinyl copy of the album with your name printed on it, an invitation to the album listening party and Alta Mira will play a private show you for (within a reasonable distance from Albany).

Now that sounds like a pretty damn good deal to us…

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