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Over at Berkshire Living, Lesley Ann Beck reviews The Strange World of Albrecht Dürer now on exhibit at The Clark.

Also at Berkshire Living, Seth Rogovoy previews the upcoming summer season at Jacob’s Pillow.

ARA Where can I go to get my poodle clipped in Burbank? It’s called “Google,” honey.

The Norman Rockewll Museum has just unveiled its new online digital collection, an image and data library of over 30,000 items from the Museum’s collections. We’re not crazy about the watermarking on the images, but it’s a gorgeous and ambitious undertaking and a fine way to lose an entire afternoon or two or three.

Maybe he just likes the New Pornographers: Kevin Marshall’s blog gets a label. Huh. We wonder why.

At his Get Visual blog, David Brickman reviews the current “Eco Primitive Eco Surreal” two-person exhibition by Thomas D’Ambrose and RADICAL at Albany Center Gallery.

We originally read local actor Patrick White’s post about local theater criticism (or more specifically, the lack thereof) on his Facebook page, but since then Kevin Marshall has re-printed it on his Times Union blog. It’s definitely worth reading, even though we disagree with his conclusions, geographically speaking.

We don’t usually cover the beauty pageant circuit and neither does Libby Post but she recently posted that Claire Buffie, the current Miss New York State, is competing for the title of Miss America on a platform of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, and you can help vote her into the top four. As Libby notes, “If the Radical Right could make sure Bristol Palin stayed on Dancing with the Stars, then we should certainly be able to give Claire a spot in the top 4.”

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