NFL Playoffs: Green Bay Packers 48, Atlanta Falcons 21

Winter Blowout! Everything must go! Atlanta’s morale at an all-time low!

Luckily, this blowout was packed with entertainment, unlike the Ravens’ beat down of the Chiefs from a week ago. The Packers won this game with amazing play more so than the Falcons lost it with sub-par play. From the second quarter on, the Packers were better than the Falcons and every other team in the NFL in every facet of football. The Packers could have beaten Atlanta in anything on Saturday, from cribbage to a dance-off. Atlanta kick-returner Eric Weems busted out a Michael Jackson leg kick following a 102-yard kick return to the end zone in the second quarter. The Packers declined to dance following any of their six touchdowns. Green Bay is likely waiting for Detroit Lions quarterback Drew Stanton to “teach them how to Dougie.”

The Falcons got their highlights out of the way early. The Packers only stopped producing highlights during commercial breaks, and that was begrudgingly. Aaron Rodgers put together the best performance of the postseason thus far with 366 passing yards, three passing touchdowns, and a rushing touchdown for good measure. Rodgers didn’t mince words, calling it “the best performance of his career.”

If you didn’t know, now you know: Tramon Williams. It’s not Williams fault he’s remained obscure for much of his career. Williams came into the league as a relative unknown, going undrafted and bouncing around a bit before landing in Green Bay. Williams also has the misfortune of playing cornerback on the opposite side of high-profile 2010 NFL Defensive MVP and former Heisman Trophy winner Charles Woodson. Williams almost gained notoriety last week, when he nearly spiked a live ball after recording the game-winning interception. Instead, Williams has entered the spotlight with his second game-ending interception in as many weeks. Williams’ 70-yard pick six didn’t officially close out the Falcons, but it did swing the momentum in Green Bay’s favor for good. The interception was Williams’ second of the quarter.

The Paradox of James Jones: Green Bay wide receiver James Jones eluded highlight reels in last week’s victory over the Eagles. He did, however, land on YouTube, SportsCenter’s “Not-Top 10”, and NFL Primetime’s “C’mon Man” for one of the worst dropped passes in recent memory. Jones, another lesser known Packer, has maddened everyone who has seen him play this season. Jones has a penchant for making the spectacular catch, but also dropping wide open lobs. Jones made another outstanding touchdown reception in this game, leaping high to bring in the football despite being smothered by Atlanta cornerback Brent Grimes. Jones obviously suffers from a lack of concentration on routine plays, but produces miraculous results when his adrenaline kicks in. Though I can’t relate, I personally don’t understand how one loses focus playing professional football on a national stage. Packers coach Mike McCarthy will employ a new attention-grabbing tactic starting next game in which he fires a bullet at Jones prior to each catch he attempts. Unfortunately for McCarthy, Jones may catch the bullet, but will most assuredly drop the football.

The Green Bay Packers are as close to healthy as they have been all season, and it’s translating into wins. With each Packer success, Bret Favre dies a little inside. Every time Bret Favre dies a little inside, a miracle happens. Mind you, every time Bret Favre succeeds, a kitten dies of sadness, so it’s in our best interest to root for Green Bay. The Packers appear to be Super Bowl bound unless the Seattle Seahawks strike another deal with the devil (contract negotiations still pending). The Packers have not played in a Super Bowl since 1997.

Story by Jesse Jacobs, who also writes for The Ballston Journal

FINAL SCORE: Green Bay Packers 48, Atlanta Falcons 21
JESSE’S PREDICTION: Green Bay Packers 31 @ Atlanta Falcons 17

WEEK ONE: Wild Card Playoffs
Seattle Seahawks 41, New Orleans Saints 36
New York Jets 17, Indianapolis Colts 16
Baltimore Ravens 30, Kansas City Chiefs 7
Green Bay Packers 21, Philadelphia Eagles 16

WEEK TWO: Divisional Playoffs
Divisional Playoff Predictions
Pittsburgh Steelers 31, Baltimore Ravens 24

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