Lights, Action, Camera, Railbird… and You!

Railbird (photo By Amanda Picotte)
Railbird (photo By Amanda Picotte)
As we mentioned this morning in our Today’s Tips column, Railbird is a late-breaking addition to the bill at Valentine’s Music Hall in Albany tonight. They’ll be sharing the stage with Cloud Nothings, Scientific Maps and Better Pills.

As usual, the band has something a bit different up their collective sleeve. As drummer Chris Carey explains, “It’s a different line-up of our band with me on bass, and our producer Jeremy Gustin from NYC on the drums.”

And Sarah Pedinotti and the Saratoga Springs-based band will also be filming tonight at Valentine’s for Railbird’s upcoming music video – which, of course, you can be a part of simply by showing up tonight.

The Railbirders suggest: “Wear bright colors and any kind of weird costume: i.e. wigs, masks, feathers, etc are highly encouraged. And of course, be ready to dance. Or spaz out…or just stand there, man. Just be free. Follow your heart.”

  1. Kevin Marshall says

    Isn’t it Better Pills (not Bitter Pills), or am I just seeing it spelled wrong elsewhere?

  2. Greg says

    Right you are, Mr. Marshall. We had it right in Today’s Tips, but apparently my fingers were working faster than my brain when I wrote this update. It’s Brent Gorton’s new combo. Thanks. The change has been made…

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