Schenectady Muddy Cup Closes; Proctors Takes Over Coffee Shop


The Muddy CupSchenectady’s Muddy Cup Coffee Shop – located in Proctors’ Robb Alley – officially closed on Monday.

But Proctors patrons and other folks who frequent the coffee shop will still have a place to gather and grab a cuppa joe.

Proctors has taken over the operation of the shop, and an agreement with owners of the Muddy Cup has transferred all of the equipment to Proctors. Muddy Cup’s Joy Albert will stay on as the coffee shop’s manager.

“It is time,” said Proctors’ CEO Philip Morris. “The shop is a pivotal place in Robb Alley. We want to make it more attractive, fun and efficient for the enjoyment of Proctors patrons.”

And without missing a beat, Proctors has promised to reopen the location for business with a fresh look and a new name before the start of Sunday’s Green Market.

Proctors has yet to decide on a name for the shop, although Cafe at Proctors and Intermission at Proctors are among the names that are currently under consideration.

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  1. Kevin Marshall says

    Maybe now the shop will enter the 21st Century and no longer be cash only.

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