Flashback to 1985: “The Meeting of the Musical Minds”


Metroland Local Music Issue 1985

OK, so now we all know the State of the Union, according to President Obama.

But what about the State of the Nippertown Music Scene? Circa 1985, that is.

Back in January, 1985, “The Meeting of the Musical Minds” was a roundtable discussion with five of the area’s leading musicians, covering a variety of musical genres.

The participants in the chat are:

Rick Morse (of country-rock band Bovine)
Bridget Ball (solo singer-songwriter)
Alan Payette (of hard rock band Triffid)
Al Quaglieri (of jazz-funk band Downtime)
Michael Eck (of indie rock band Chefs of the Future)

Amazingly enough, all five participants are still involved in the music scene 36 years later.

Moderated (more or less) by Sarge Blotto, “The Meeting of the Musical Minds” was a joint production of Metroland and Real George’s Backroom.

  1. Lars says

    LIVE, from the Turf Inn…great find, great fashions!
    thanks for posting. it’s interesting to look back and see how things…

    Rick Morse: “…i’d like to see people come out to the clubs again…”

    Mike Eck: “…if local radio…would open up to playing some of the local music which is basically a dream…take a chance and play some original stuff…”

  2. Mike H. says

    This is awesome!

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