Charlie Musselwhite, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?

Charlie Musselwhite (illustration by Charles Haymes)“Well, I used to go around to all these junk stores in Memphis and buy blues records – old 78s.

And then I knew a guy that was a distributor for jukeboxes, and he had a garage that was stacked up with literally thousands of 45s. Maybe about half of them were blues – blues and hillbilly.

So I had access to recorded blues from a pretty early age – at least from the time that I was in my teens.

I can remember buying albums by Jimmy Reed and Muddy Waters and Little Walter, but I don’t actually remember the first one.”

Blues great Charlie Musselwhite joins Hot Tuna and Jim Lauderdale at the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield at 7:30pm on Wednesday. Tix for the Hot Tuna Blues show are $35 and $55.

Illustration by Charles Haymes

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