Yo La Tengo Does “Seinfeld”

– from the Metro in Chicago, 2/4/11

Apparently Yo La Tengo’s current tour features a big game show wheel with such categories as “Songs Starting with S,” “Condo Fucks,” “The Name Game,” “Sitcom Theater,” “The Sounds of Science,” etc.

Last Friday in the Windy City, an audience member spun the wheel and it landed on “Spinner’s Choice,” which meant that any of the categories on the wheel could be selected. The fan chose “Sitcom Theater,” and YLT promptly launched into a staged reading of an entire episode of “Seinfeld” – with Ira Kaplan as Jerry, of course.

Up next, AC/DC performs an episode of “Highway to Heaven” with Angus Young in the Michael Landon role….

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