1. Jason Steven Murphy says

    You, Nippertown, have just made my day.

    I cannot speak to Angie Dickinson’s availability (Lee Marvin is otherwise engaged), but I do hope that all of Nippertown can make it out to Signal’s performance of Steve Reich’s “Music for 18 Musicians” and “Double Sextet” at the EMPAC Concert Hall on Saturday 03/12 at 8 PM. Probably less slapping (probably), but still plenty of awesome.

  2. JoeAlbany says

    “Hump Day Unusual Moment?” Is this a reference to Lyn Brammer the q104 evening DJ from the mid 80’s? I never missed his Wednesday night show.


  3. Greg says

    JoeAlbany: Yes, of course, it’s our little tribute to the Reverend of Rock & Roll, Lin Brehmer, who’s still doing his radio thing out in Chicago. More info here:


    We’ve been doing our own Hump Day Unusual Moments for a while now, so if you’re just discovering them, there’s a whole bunch of ’em for you to enjoy. Just click on the Hump Day Unusual Moment category in the right hand column… Dig it!

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