Other Voices, Other Rooms

Over at the Clark Art Insitute’s blog, curator Richard Rand paired up paintings from the current exhibition, “Eye to Eye: European Portraits, 1450-1850,” with some contemporary celebrities…

At her Daily Gazette blog. “Foss Forward,” Sara Foss recounts her recent visit to the Bread & Puppet Theater Museum in Glover, Vermont.

At GetVisual.com, David Brickman reviews “Objects of Wonder & Delight: Four Centuries of Still Life from the Norton Museum of Art,” the current exhibition at the Hyde Collection in Glens Falls.

At his Arts Whisperer blog at The Troy Record, Bob Goepfert bemoans the loss of UAlbany’s Theater Department by pointing out the excellent UAlbany student actors in current local stage productions.

Ryan Goodenough goes waaaaay out on limb – especially at IndieAlbany.com – by boldly declaring Katie Perry’s “Teenage Dream” to be “one of the best pop songs of the 2000′s.” He comes to the defense of Lady Gaga, too. Needless to say, his opinions stirred up quite a healthy debate…

And, of course, it’s been the winter of mondo snow. So whaddya gonna do? Build giant snowmen here and here.

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