LIVE: Super 400 @ the Ale House, 2/12/11

The Ale House in Troy is known for its cold beer, hearty menu, friendly wait staff and lively music events, but on this particular night all those hallmarks were raised to a new level of excellence when a standing room only crowd arrived early, eager to hear Troy’s finest trio, Super 400, celebrate 15 years together.

Just a few table and chairs were allotted – it really was standing-room-only – but it offered the comfort of home for two long sets of soulful, virtuoso music.

Opening with favorites such as “Rusted,” “Flashlight” and “Standby,” the band had the appreciative crowd mesmerized. Many were ecstatic to hear songs that hadn’t been played in ages, too. “Don’t Grow So,” dedicated to Kenny Hohman’s brother, was a standout choice as were covers of Sly & the Family Stone’s frenetic plea for peace, “Don’t Burn Baby” and Big Star’s irresistible rocker “Feel”.

Several more selections from the recent “Sweet Fist” album formed the core of the evening, revealing tremendous range in tone, rhythm and mood, as well. “Devil Song” dipped into some country-style blues; “White Bird” soared atop tight rhythms from drummer Joe Daley; and Carole King’s “I Feel the Earth Move” featured a seismic jam between Hohman and bassist Lori Friday. Obviously moved by the love from the crowd, the band closed their second set well after midnight with a tour de force, extended take of their funky rocker “Emergency.”

Viva Super 400!

Review by Fred Rudofsky

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