Aerosmith Tribute Band Flies High: Toys in the Attic @ the Fuller Roadhouse Grille – Tonight

Walk this way!

Toys in the Attic is a top-notch, nationally touring tribute act that cranks out the music of Aerosmith. Aerosmith’s deep catalog (dating back to the early 70’s, with hit songs from each decade), consistent classic rock radio airplay and stellar live reputation make them an obvious choice ripe for the tribute treatment. And Toys pull it off – both the rockin’ sound of Aerosmith and the one-two-punch look of Toxic Twins, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.

In the frontman role, singer Matt Balin not only has the vocal chops down cold, but he also bears an uncanny resemblance to Tyler. Heck, he even sounds like Tyler while engaged in stage banter and song intros. Yes, Toys “Walk This Way” and talk this way!

Serving as Joe Perry is Nippertown’s own Karl Von Heilman III – aka, Rachel Toxic, formerly of the Erotics, as well as Blasé Debris. If you’ve never heard the six string razor-wire wail of KVHIII you are in for a treat. He can flat out play. “As far as playing Joe Perry’s leads, he’s my fave guitarist,” Karl declares. “Most everything I’ve learned on guitar is from playing my fave records and trying to play along. You could say I’ve had the best teachers…”

And he added, “Aerosmith was my first concert.”

Toys in the Attic was formed by frontman Balin, and the band is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. They played their Albany debut at Savannah’s two and a half years ago.

You can catch Toys in the Attic at 9:30pm tonight at the Fuller Roadhouse Grille in Colonie. Admission is a mere $5 – cheap! Beats the crap out of doing it yourself on some plastic Guitar Hero Aerosmith edition in your mom’s basement.

Story by Matt Mac Haffie

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  1. Matt Mac Haffie says

    Snow be damned!

    The joint was rocking as Toys ran the table of both classic and contemporary Aerosmith gems. The Roadhouse was littered with Albany rock royalty, faces in the crowd included Mark of Ten Year Vamp, Mike trash The Erotics, and Sway* front-man Tommy Love. Toys rocked ’em all.

    *In case you don’t know Sway is a brand new pistol hot Stones tribute band who recently debuted at the Dino BBQ. Oh and yes, “ladies and gentlemen” Sway is soon to be at the Roadhouse their bad-selves!

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