Real Good for Free: Mike Hotter’s “Misericordia”


MisericordiaSwamp Baby’s Mike Hotter – who is also a contributor to Metroland and – decided to take on the RPM Challenge last month.

For those not familiar with it, the RPM Challenge is to record an album – 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material – during the 28 days of February.

Undertaking his first RPM Challenge, Hotter emerged at the end of the month with “Misericordia,” which he describes as “30 minutes of musical madness and mayhem.”

“The name of the project, ‘Misericordia,’ comes from a Latin term meaning something like ‘mercy,'” he explains. “I was born in Misericordia Hospital in the Bronx, which since has changed its name to Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center.”

Hotter may make the album available as a “pay what you will” download, but in meantime, you can stream it here for free. And he adds, “You can click on individual songs for things like lyrics, instrumentation and sample sources.”

The ten-song album runs the gamut from the opening instrumental guitar freakout of “Sleep-Stealer” to the closing a cappella “Acapella (aka To White Tara),” complete with a bit of beat-boxing. Our personal faves? The shimmering, reverb-drenched “Ring These Bells” and the Chris Whitley-like neo-blues of “Sunshine Army.”

  1. Rich says

    Did someone say madness?

  2. Mike Hotter says

    the precious commenter must know I am frequently in need of a haircut (shear madness?)

    Thanks Greg and Sara for the review !

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