Song of the Week: Ashley Pond’s “Betty”

Here’s a brand new video clip from Ashley Pond

Catch Ashley Pond in concert at Valentine’s Music Hall in Albany on Wednesday night, as she shares the stage with Sgt. Dunbar & the Hobo Banned and BEWARE! The Other Head of Science for Sgt. Dunbar’s national tour kick-off performance. 7pm. $5.

  1. michael eck says

    Oh, Ashley, when are you going to give me that guitar? You know I’ve wanted it ever since I played it, and my birthday’s coming up soon.

    Great song!

  2. rick reuben says

    A few months in the studio with someone who could work some really catchy hooks into these songs and it would seem Ashley could take over the world.

    Work on some killer hooks Ashley. you’ve got everything else already.

  3. Eric Michael Stewart says


  4. charmboy says

    Hey Fake Rick Reuban… Have you ever actually listened to one of Ashley’s records? I’d say she does just fine (and then some!) with the hooks AND her current studio practices.

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