Joe Boyd, What Do You Listen to When You Clean the House?

Joe Boyd

“I am in the middle of one of the most satisfyingly eccentric rituals of my entire life. A few years ago, I decided to refile my 5,000 albums, so I jumbled them all up. I have a divider, and I count 13 from that and I pull out whatever is there and I listen to it; then I refile it in the new system.

After five years in my new flat, I’m about halfway through my collection. It could be Nigerian drumming followed by Bela Bartok followed by Louis Armstrong followed by Leonard Cohen, I never know.”

At 8pm on Saturday, MASS MoCA in North Adams hosts “Chinese White Bicycles,” an evening with uber record producer Joe Boyd and singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock. Boyd will read from his book, “White Bicycles” – about his life behind the scenes in the music business – accompanied by the music of Hitchcock. Tix are $18 in advance; $22 at the door; $28 priority.

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