Best of the Blogs: M. Ward & Jim James’ New Collaboration

Crème Brûlée

Rock stars, ya gotta love ’em. But what do they really do when they’re not rockin’… or dating super models?

Well, just like you and me, they like to eat. But of course, being rock stars, they like to eat only rock star food. Like deserts. More specifically, deserts that require a blowtorch to prepare.

That’s right, boys and girls, we talkin’… crème brûlée.

And now finally, big rock stars M. Ward and Jim James are sharing their humble opinions, secret gourmet discoveries and some mighty scrumptious photographs on the blogosphere at “The Crème Brûl-Log,” which bears the sub-title “An Online Resource for Critique and Tastings of Crème Brûlée From Around the World!”


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