New Concert Announcement for SPAC!

Peter Gabriel

There hasn’t been any official announcement from Live Nation yet, but Peter Gabriel is slated to make a tour stop at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, according to his website.

Gabriel is playing just a handful of concert dates in the U.S., but one of them is scheduled for SPAC on Monday, June 27.

Gabriel is touring with the New Blood Orchestra, proudly proclaiming “no drums, no guitars.” He will be re-visiting his back catalog of hits – from “Red Rain” to “San Jacinto,” from “Digging in the Dirt” to “Don’t Give Up” – with an orchestral spin.

There are no detail yet regarding ticket prices or on-sale date. Stay tuned…

  1. Mike H says

    Hmm, this is on my birthday – may have to tell Mrs. Hotter : )

  2. Rose says

    Love Peter Gabriel~will leave date open! No guitar or drums-well then, just his beautiful vloice to distract me! Thanks for the good news!

  3. J Hunter says

    I don’t mind losing the guitars and the drums, but if Tony Levin’s not part of the orchestra, I’m seriously bummed! That hellgong bass of his was the best part of the Gabriel band in the 80s. And I’m annoyed anyway, because Solid Sound and Freihofer’s Jazz Festival are on the Saturday and Sunday before Gabriel. I’ll be fried cake by Monday night!:)

  4. Bobby B says

    Mr. Hotter,
    Ask Mrs. Hotter to order you up one for me too.
    -Bobby B

  5. Tim Raab says

    Check out the You Tube videos from last year’s New Blood tour with the orchestra. The ones from Europe [Paris] are among the best, last time I looked. Tony Levin is indespensible in the ‘rock’ band, but there is life [New Blood!] beyond that.

  6. Eggman says

    Saw the So tour at the Meadowlands. Going to be hard to top that.

    Isn’t Mr Levin a Nippertown local these days?

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