Ryder Cooley’s Journey from “Animalia” to “Xmalia”


If you don’t already know multi-genre artist Ryder Cooley by now, well, just go back and read our Cool Factor 10 profile on her. Go ahead. We’ll wait…

OK, Cooley’s multimedia performance art masterwork “Animalia” was originally presented at RPI in Troy back in March, ’08, and was later re-invented on the mainstage at Proctors in Schenectady in September, ’08. Now, thanks to artist Bart Woodstrup, “Animalia” has been animated – or perhaps re-animated – as you can see in the above video.

But Cooley isn’t an artist who looks back for very long. For the past several months she’s been busy creating her next major performance piece “Xmalia,” which will have its world premiere at Proctors in Schenectady on Friday, July 15.

Cooley will be offering a sneak preview of “Xmalia” at (Hi)Story Labor(atory) in Hudson at 7pm on Saturday. In addition to Cooley’s performance, the evening of music, performance and video will also feature the Weimar-era Dadaist cabaret puppet theatre troupe Truppe Fledermaus and Vanessa Haroutunian’s “pure&magicalpussypower,” a documentary about Miranda July’s Joanie4Jackie video chain-letter from the ’90s. Admission to the benefit performance evening is on a sliding scale- suggested $5-$10.

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