Other Voices, Other Rooms

At his Northern Photo site, photographer Timothy Raab has put together a rather amazing recap of the 2010 Catskills Irish Arts Week that took place at the Michael J. Quill Festival Grounds in East Durham last July. It’s a pretty stunning project, and you can see why it took so long for him to finally get it up online. There’s five and a half hours of marvelous music and images married together.

The Grammy Awards still have waaay too many categories. But at least they’re moving in the right direction. As China Reevers reports at Paste, the Recording Academy – which runs the Grammys – has slashed more than 30 categories from next year’s awards: from 109 to 78 categories.

Chuck Miller has an update on Erin Davies, whom, you may remember, had her Volkswagen Beetle vandalized by being spray-painted with the word “FAG” in 2007.

Good and good for you: Greenwich Meal Time’s Spiced Whole Wheat Buttercup Squash Bread.

The Metroland blog has a short post giving an overview of Living Walls: Albany, Sampson Contompassis’ mass mural project slated for September.

The Free George has an interview with Hair of the Dog’s Rick Bedrosian and a review of the Susan Klein exhibit at the Courthouse Gallery in Lake George.

The Williamstown Theatre Festival has finalized its Summer 2011 program. Seth Rogovoy has the preview.

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