Interview: Theater Still Matters to Kate Maguire at the Berkshire Theatre Festival

Kate Maguire (photo by Larry Murray)
Kate Maguire (photo by Larry Murray)

Grabbing a coffee from Dottie’s, I charged down North Street to the Colonial Theatre with a hundred questions for Kate Maguire. Now in charge of both the Berkshire Theatre Festival and the Colonial Theatre operation, everyone is curious as to how she was doing now that she was wearing two hats.

Larry Murray: Does it feel a bit schizophrenic having two offices, two sets of responsibilities?
Kate Maguire: At the beginning I thought I might be somewhat schizophrenic, but it hasn’t happened. It’s been OK so far. The coming summer is an unknown, but I think it is going to be good. I’ve never done this before. But there has not been a single moment where I thought, “This is a mistake.” I find that interesting.

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