Other Voices, Other Rooms

David Brickman has a lovely tribute to the late Nadia Trinkala over at Get Visual.

At AlbanyJazz.com, J Hunter has a review of the Lee Shaw/John Medeski concert at Skidmore College earlier this month. And Rudy Lu chimes with with some excellent photographs of the performance, as well.

Over at Kevin Marshall’s America, the freshly bald Mr. Marshall touched on a multitude of high-profile controversies this week, including 1.) Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You,” 2.) the booze restrictions at Albany’s Tulip Fest and, of course, 3.) China’s recent ban on time travel.

At Information Without the Bun, Roger Green took exception to Kevin Marshall’s Cee-Lo Green (no relation) conclusion, weighing in on the debate between censorship and selective omission in pop songs throughout history – from Stephen Foster to the Cowsills.

At The Arts Whisperer, Bob Goepfert offers a tribute to the late playwright Lanford Wilson.

Smart Art of the Week: Ed Chapman’s way-cool portrait of Jimi Hendrix – made from 5,000 guitar picks…

Apropos of absolutely nothing except total creepiness: Jon L.’s Tumblr, Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes

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