Welcome to Our New Media Partners

GailSez and Berkshire On Stage

You may have noticed some new voices here at Nippertown.com this week. In an ongoing effort to provide readers with expanded arts coverage, more depth and a wider variety of opinion, we are thrilled to welcome two new partners to our Nippertown Multi-National Media Empire Little Arts Site That Could:

Gail Burns of GailSez has long been the go-to online source for all things theater – reviews, previews, listings and auditions – throughout the Capital Region, western Massachusetts and southwestern Vermont. Gail is also a longtime booster of community theater, and her family owns and operates the Starlight Stage Youth Theatre in Williamstown.

Larry Murray relocated to North Adams from Boston in 2000. After a stint writing for Berkshire Fine Arts, he started up Berkshire On Stage about a year ago. You can read his comprehensive dialogue with Charles Giuliano of Berkshire Fine Arts touching on everything from anecdotes about Sarah Caldwell to the art of being a critic and the promise of social networking:

Part 1: On and Off Broadway
Part 2: Recalling Boston’s Legendary Sarah Caldwell and E. Virginia Williams
Part 3: Murray’s transition from PR and Marketing to Berkshire on Stage
Part 4: Separating the Personal and the Objective
Part 5: Blogs and Social Networking
Part 6: Media Impact of Social Networking
Part 7: It’s a Wrap!

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