ArtBeat: 20th Anniversary Exhibition @ Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson

David Paulson: Curiosity
David Paulson: Curiosity

Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson celebrates its 20th anniversary with a group exhibition featuring David Paulson, Allyson Levy , Louise Laplante, John Cross, Vince Pomilio, Darshan Russell and David Halliday.

Haddad chose David Paulson’s work to represent the type of paintings she has lauded for the past two decades. Paulson was one of the first artists to be shown at Warren Street Gallery years ago, and his work is deeply embedded in the New York School of abstract expressionism, a period Haddad greatly admires: “I recently saw the Abstract Expressionism exhibit at the Modern and could see how this movement influenced Paulson’s work, especially works by de Kooning, Gorky and Pollock. Paulson speaks with his own voice, though. He is a raw and honest painter, fearlessly exposing his deepest loves and darkest fears on the canvas.”

Also influenced by the New York School, Vincent Pomilio works with both large and small scale paintings, which are made by adding layer upon layer of patterned color. The small works which will be included in this exhibit are made with acrylic paint, marble dust and beeswax, buffed to a gorgeous surface.

Allyson Levy makes paintings using botanical materials found in her large garden—leaves, seed pods, berries, and blossoms, all in various stages of decomposition. Laid out in patterns and encased in pigment and beeswax, these beautiful objects of the natural world are her medium to create her contemporary abstractions. A small 12 x 12 piece is made of vividly colored layers of Mediterranean poppy petals, while another larger work consists of crushed eggshells on a black ground, like a night sky full of stars.

One of the original Warren Street Gallery artists, photographer David Halliday has been exhibiting with Carrie Haddad since 1991. On view will be his recent large scale color still life photographs. They are exquisitely formal with a twist. Set against a fog grey background with a “horizon line”, the objects seem suspended, yet carry their weight within the pure jewel-toned color.

In the window will be several new wood carvings by John Cross. They are worked in sugar pine with a simple knife, and seem at first glance deceptively simple. The pieces are so sharply modeled, so clearly defined, that the viewer gets a sense of strength and mass that somewhat belies the relatively small scale. The work is also rather witty.

The work of Darshan Russell is an important addition to the exhibit, representing the many “outsider” artists Haddad has shown over the years. Darshan will be exhibiting a small selection of figurative paintings inspired by photos from The Poughkeepsie Journal.

Finally, artist Louise Laplante paints on collaged antique paper. She spends quite a bit of time searching out vintage materials like old love letters, recipes, or historical documents, and then paints on them with chalk and ink. Her subject matter is pure and simple; shoes, dresses, bones and phones, to name a few.

The 20th Anniversary Exhibit cranks into high gear on Saturday, April 23 with a reception (BIG PARTY) from 6-8pm. The show runs through May 29.

Allyson Levy: I Hop (left) and Darshan Russell: Union Square Area in NYC
Allyson Levy: I Hop (left) and Darshan Russell: Union Square Area in NYC

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