LIVE: AcoustiCountry Fest @ River Street Beat Shop, 4/30/11

Big Creek
Big Creek (photo by Timothy Reidy)

Getting a jump on the outdoor festival music calendar, Jimmy Barrett hosted the AcoustiCountry Fest at his River Street Beat Shop in Troy last Saturday afternoon, and let’s face it, you couldn’t have asked for better weather – nice and warm, not too windy and lots and lots of sun.

A fundraiser for the Hope 7 Community Center food bank and after-school program, the fest was a fine way to unwind on a lazy spring afternoon. And, of course, there was plenty of great music to soak up – along with the sunshine.

The festivities featuring performances by Holly & Evan, Tern Rounders, Jonesville and Big Creek – a big batch of lower 40, back-porch sounds right smack dab in the middle of downtown.

Photographs by Timothy Reidy

Jonesville (photo by Timothy Reidy)
Tern Rounders
Tern Rounders (photo by Timothy Reidy)
Holly and Evan: Holly Taormina, an unidentified balloon enthusiast, and Evan Conway. (Photo by Joel Patterson)
Holly and Evan: Holly Taormina, an unidentified balloon enthusiast and Evan Conway. (Photo by Joel Patterson)
  1. Rubypet says

    Good add of Holly and Evan photo!

  2. Joel Patterson says

    I know, I know… the myth is going to arise that I hired the Balloon Man to walk infront of the camera, in fact the myth may grow and grow until he walked across several times to get a shot that was just perfect– but I tell you, it just happened!

  3. Matt Mac Haffie says

    Saw the top half of this show for a good cause, good stuff. Did you know that you can stop in nearly every Saturday and see a live band in-store and that Jimmy has most of the local artist CDs in stock?

  4. Kathy says

    Jimmy Barrett does a great job supporting local music! Seconding Matt’s comment the River Street Beat Shop is a great place to see local musicians play or find their CDs in stock there. If you have never been it is worth a visit to 197 River Street in Troy, NY – you will not be disappointed.

    Let’s give it up for Jimmy Barrett and all those wonderful bands who were part of the Hope 7 House Community Benefit on 4/30.

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