LIVE: Blotto @ Albany Tulip Festival, 5/8/11

Blotto, back at Tulip Fest by popular demand after an absence of 13 years
Blotto with special guest Val Haynes
Lonesome Val Haynes (of Fear of Strangers) wards off the storm with "Running Between the Raindrops"
Blotto with special guest Jim Furlong
Special guest Jim Furlong (of the A.D.'s) wails on "It's All Over Now"

What can I say about Blotto that hasn’t already been said, and probably better?

Review and photographs by Ed Conway

  1. Roger Green says

    I’m so sad. I never get to see the Sunday acts, and I would have LOVED to see Blotto again.

  2. Marianne Barone says

    What fun! You 3 are still the best looking guys in Albany! Broadway, you, and Jimmy F. Livin downtown! sorry I missed it. Looked like it was a blast. Encore?

  3. Greg says

    Never fear… Blotto is back on stage again next month at the River Street Festival in Troy – Saturday, June 18 – with Los Straitjackets and the Neanderthals.

  4. Kace says

    Thanks for the photos, it looks like it was an awesome show!

  5. Robin Danar says

    Wow, did realize it was an 80s reunion of sorts (including the ADs). Sponsored by AARP?

  6. Doc says

    Did they sing their hit song “I-I-I need some metamucil”. Before being taken back to the old folks home.

    The 80’s were so… 80’s.

  7. LiLi says

    I was hoping for “Metalhead”

  8. Andy M. says

    Blotto is still the most well-known musical act to originate from this area. Well, besides Phantogram.

  9. Tony Jones says

    It’s a treasure-trove of the aging! Penny Knight Band will reunite with the Blotto gang at the BLOTTO RECORDS REUNION SHOW at Music Haven Stage in Central Park in Schenectady on Sunday, July 17, 2011 … silly hair, parachute pants and/or leg-warmers are optional.

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