LIVE: Jason Webley @ Troy Bike Rescue, 5/16/11

Jason Webley
Jason Webley

The Troy Bike Rescue hosted its final show on Monday night. (Actually, it was just the final show at TBR’s old 51 3rd St. address in Troy. Look for TRB is open at its new, bigger location 3280 6th Ave. in North Troy later this spring.) It was packed with a happy audience and nice entertainment. It started quietly with a sit-down performance by Ashley Pond that got half the crowd sitting, too.

Following Ashley, the Nightmare River Band’s guitarist Matt Krahula gave a fine stand-up guitar performance, making his solo debut.

The crowd was ready by the time that Jason Webley came on, and he delivered. He plays the accordion, but he also plays the audience, guitar, floor board and bottle shakers. It was a very interactive show, where the audience sang, shook bottles and made funny requests.

Webley has a very good stage presence. He played with the crowd, too, singing various ’80s covers and other ditties. After the final countdown, the audience was dancing in the dark with billie jean.

A zany entertaining evening was had by all.

Review and photographs by Timothy Reidy

Matt Krahula
Matt Krahula
Ashley Pond
Ashley Pond
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  1. Andrew L. says

    hi readers, to clarify… SHOWS LIKE THIS ONE WILL CONTINUE AT 51 3RD ST!! TBR is moving, but the underground show venue will keep rockin. Next show is June 2!

  2. Mr. Reidy says

    Thanks for better clarity on the subject of venue. I am looking forward to more shows in troy.

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