Now for the Good News…

New World Bistro Bar

By now we’re sure that most everyone has heard about the incident on Delaware Avenue last night, which resulted in a car crashing into one of Albany’s most popular restaurants, the New World Bistro Bar. Fortunately, no one in the restaurant was seriously injured.

But if you want to show your support for the restaurant, here’s how to do it – Go have dinner or drinks.

It’s official: New World Bistro Bar will be open tonight for dinner!! As they posted on their Facebook page just an hour ago, “We are just closing off the Delaware Ave. section, but the patio, bar area, etc. had no damage. Thank you to everyone who has called, Facebooked and emailed – the support has been amazing.”

Everybody at is wishing all the best for Scott, Annette, Ric and everyone else at NWBB. Here’s to a quick repair. Hope you’ll be back up and running at full strength very soon.

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