Real Good For Free: Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey’s “TOOL IS LOOT” and Compositions For A Sound Dome @ EMPAC, 6/10/11

Wally Cardona + Jennifer Lacey: TOOL IS LOOT
Wally Cardona + Jennifer Lacey: TOOL IS LOOT

This Friday, EMPAC is hosting two free events that, although we’re not exactly sure what they’ll be like, nevertheless sound rather mind-expanding:

First up at 7pm in Studio 2 is Wally Cardona + Jennifer Lacey: TOOL IS LOOT, a dance duet that aims to break out of typical dance conventions:

TOOL IS LOOT is a duet made via a curious process of disorientation. For one year, choreographers/dancers Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey worked apart, in the US and France, respectively. Each solicited weeklong encounters with non-dance experts, allowing the opinions and desires of an “outsider” to shift what they knew about creating short solos. These experts included an astrophysicist, a sommelier, an architect, a film editor, a medical supply salesman, a kinetic sculptor, a baroque opera singer, an art critic, an acoustician, and a social activist.

Now in residence at EMPAC, Cardona and Lacey come together in the duet, TOOL IS LOOT, with their identities simultaneously undone and strengthened. They ask the question: What comes after you don’t know anymore?

Then at 8:30pm you can head next door to Studio 1 to listen to Compositions for a Sound Dome:

With 24 loudspeakers suspended in the air as a sound dome, eight composers who participated in the workshop Composing for Large Scale Multi-Channel Loudspeaker Environments present their explorations of sound, music, and space. Led by Hans Tutschku (Harvard University), the 6-day workshop immersed artists in the study and composition of pieces to be performed with many loudspeakers, going far beyond what we know as “surround sound”. The unique opportunities at EMPAC allowed participants to work in three spaces with a large number of loudspeakers to develop their ideas. The concert will include a broad range of approaches to this singular sonic challenge.

Also, while you’re there, you’ll want to check out the two sound installations by Céleste Boursier-Mougenot that opened last month: untitled (Series #3) + index (v.4) for two pianos.

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