Mary Ramsey, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?

Mary Ramsey“It was the Beatles’ double red album. I saved up my babysitting money for that one.

I remember just staring at the album cover the whole way home from the store. And when I finally got to put it on the turntable, I was really, really excited.”

Mary Ramsey – who took over as lead vocalist when Natalie Merchant left in 1994 – steps up to the microphone with her bandmates in 10,000 Maniacs to headline week three of the Alive at Five concert series at Corning Preserve’s Riverfront Park in Albany on Thursday. The Erin Harkes Band kicks off the festivities at 5pm. Admission is, of course, free.

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  1. martyn says

    I had the pleasure of seeing Mary Ramsey (Palindrome: yes Mary Ramsey) front an all star version of the John and Mary band at some small place in downtown Cohoes. John Lombardo (10k maniacs on guitar)
    Victor DeLorenzo (violent femmes, drums), and John Ashton (psychedelic furs) electic guitar. It was quite a show and sparsely attended.

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