RIP: Wild Windy Bill McKay

The Great Escape Honorary Marshall

We are deeply saddened to hear that Wild Windy Bill McKay headed to the Last Round-up on Saturday. He was 90 years old.

Reading the oh-so-short, bare bones obituary of Daniel Claps, you might never suspect that he touched thousands and thousands of lives over the course of more than 50 years as Wild Windy Bill McKay, the marshall of the theme park Storytown (and later the Great Escape). McKay retired from active duty at the Great Escape at the conclusion of the 2007 summer season.

I shared the stage with Wild Windy Bill McKay a couple of times back in the ’70s, and besides being one of Nippertown’s all-time great entertainers, he was always a straight shooter.

A gathering of family, friends and fans will take place at Glenville Funeral Home from 10am-12noon on Wednesday. Services will follow at noon.

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If you’d like to hop into the wayback machine for a little Storytown nostalgia, here’s SkidMedia’s video of a 1966 visit (the wild west portion starts at 6:55.)

  1. Rich says

    Great video. Wonder how many of the rides are still at the park today. Nice CanCan Kickers at the end. Loved that Honorary Marshal Badge and the Ghost Town shootouts.

  2. LiLi says

    Rich –My favorite part was Ghost Town. Despite the changes, it’s amazing how much is still the same over all this time (or at least was as of the last time I was there).

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