Things We Like: Annie Oakley Waffle Maker

Annie Oakley waffle iron

We love waffles. All kinds of waffles. Heck, we used to literally live at the late, much-lamented Cathy’s Waffle Store when it was on Lark Street in Albany.

Milwaukee artist-sculptor Alisa Toninato must like waffles, too. One of her works is a cast iron Annie Oakley waffle maker. It makes 10-inch waffles with Oakley’s image on one side and her name on the other side.

The cost? $950 plus shipping. Hey, it’s art!

We’re hoping that the folks at Glimmerglass Opera in Cooperstown bought one and to serve up some yummy, steaming waffles during intermission of their upcoming production of “Annie Get Your Gun” with Deborah Voigt in the title role. The production premieres on Saturday.

It’s just an idea…

PS: Toninato is no one-trick pony, either. She’s also created a Jesus waffle maker.

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