Festival Fever: LarkFest 2011 Line-Up Announced

It’s back!

LarkFest – Nippertown’s biggest annual street fest – returns to Lark Street in Albany for it’s 30th birthday bash on Saturday, September 17. From Washington Avenue to Madison Avenue, Lark Street will be closed to traffic and jam-packed with music, fun and lots and lots of people from 10am-5pm.

The Kids’ Zone returns this year, as well as the Silent Disco, which was such a hit in its debut last year. Of course, there will also be art, crafts, vendors, food and beverage at the whopping street fair.

But the main attraction is the music, and courtesy of WEXT-FM, here’s the list of performers who will be filling the streets with their sounds:

Alex Torres & His Latin Orchestra
Severe Severe
Faces on Film
Jason Spooner
Diego Garcia

Ben KN
The Landlines
We Are Jeneric
Cody Beebe & the Crooks
Mike Doughty

Once again, there will be two stages – one at the intersection of Lark Street and Washington Avenue, and the other at the opposite end of the fest at Lark Street and Madison Avenue.

We’ll post a full schedule with performance times shortly. In the meantime, let’s get ready to party…


Bluestock Music Festival @ Hunter Mountain, Hunter, August 26-28
Jazz at the Lake: Lake George Jazz Weekend @ Shepard Park, Lake George, September 17-18, FREE

  1. Keith says

    And still another year without the Homegrown Stage.

  2. charmboy says

    @Keith – With 6 of the 12 bands on the main stages being local acts, what’s there to complain about?

  3. Keith says

    @Charmboy – The Homegrown Stage included not only music but many of the other “arts” groups in the Albany area. So, if I were to complain about anything, it would be the lack of representation of the arts community as a whole.

    And yes I’m aware the “Art” community being represented with Living Walls, but what about the poetry, fashion, dance, etc.? There’s more than just the music that adds to the culture of Albany.

    Thank you for your response.

  4. charmboy says

    I get what you’re saying Keith and I do miss the old days where Lark Fest was actually a showcase of entirely local arts and music. I think EQX really kind of ruined it when they took over and started bringing in “big” (read: washed up) music headliners, which is where the need for the Homegrown Stage really started. I’ve even had my share of personal opportunity with that stage so I’m definitely not knocking it.

    I do feel that WEXT is really making a conscious effort to bring Lark Fest back to the local scenes though and I’d imagine that idea will grow a bit more each year.

  5. DrewpDog says

    Just wanted to mention that I am really looking forward to Mike Doughty. I don’t think the term ‘washed up’ applies to him, or that you meant that towards him, but if you did, that’s like, you’re opinion man.

  6. charmboy says

    Haha, no DrewpDog, that’s not what I meant. I was referring to the days when WEQX ran the Fest and would bring in groups like the Dandy Warhols or Tom Morello’s acoustic act… not exactly what I’d call buzzworthy.

    I think now that WEXT is coordinating (last year and this year), they’ve made a point to bring in much more interesting acts on the national level and have really made a point to step up the focus on local acts… either way though, it’s still just my opinion, man 🙂

  7. Mike Marmon says

    DIEGO GARCIA!!! Wow….I never thought Albany would ever get that hip. I’ve loved hearing his song “You Were Never There” on WEXT and was a fan of his former band Elefant. Great choice!!

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