Flashback Foto: Name the Band! Win a Prize!

Flashback Photo

OK, OK, OK, enough already… We’re tired of hearing all the whiny complaints, “Oh, this contest is too haaaard.” Hey, life is hard. Suck it up.

But being the soft-hearted (headed?) folks we are here at Nippertown.com, this week we’re lobbing a great big, fat, ole softball right down the middle of the plate for ya. (And, yes, this was as actual promotional photo for a local band that was sent out to newspapers and other chroniclers of the arts back in the day.)

You know the drill – It’s FLASHBACK FOTO Thursday, and once again we went digging, digging, digging through the vast Nippertown archive bunker to unearth yet another fabulous band promo photo from years gone by.

A FREE PAIR OF PASSES to the Spectrum 8 Theatres in Albany will go to the 13th commenter who correctly identifies this band. Please keep in mind that all of the weekly Flashback Fotos are of local Nippertown bands of yesterday, which should help steer you away from guesses like the Fugees, Firehouse & the Fabulous Poodles.

To make it fair, comments on this post won’t show up until we announce the winner on Monday afternoon. One comment per person, please, and be sure to leave your email address, too. We won’t publish it, but we’ll use it to contact you if you win. Good luck! It’s the Chaser Band and heeeey, we finally have a winner. Congratulations to Tim Fiato!

  1. Daniel Hogan says

    the Chaser Band? lol

  2. Deb says

    The Chaser Band?

  3. Frank says

    OK I’ll guess….The Chaser Band…….

  4. Sean McLaughlin says

    The Chaser Band

  5. Mike says

    The Chasers Band

  6. Rich says

    The Chasers Band

  7. Michelle says

    The Chasers Band

  8. Donna says

    The Chasers Band

  9. Guy says

    The Chasers Band

  10. Stephen Piorkowski says

    The Chaser Band

  11. dave mcgraw says

    The Chaser Band

  12. Stephanie says

    the chaset band?? it says so on the girl…

  13. Kristin says

    The Chaser Band!

  14. Meghan says

    ummmm is it the chaser band???

  15. Amelia Rae says

    the chaser band?

  16. Nicky Lights says

    Unless the batteries died in my bi-focals, the name of this band was “The Chaser Band.”

  17. Gene says

    The Chaser Band

  18. Mike H says

    Looks like the Chaser Band to me

  19. Tim Fiato says

    ummmm, The Chaser Band?

  20. steven nover says

    the chaser band

  21. michael eck says

    Is there a reason Chris Busone is hiding his head in shame?

  22. chris busone says

    well Mike, I’m hiding my head in shame because…I’m ashamed…and a little hammered. Even I don’t have a copy of this one guys. Nice pull.

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