EMPAC @ RPI Announces Fall Schedule of Events

Guy Madden: Tales from the Gimli Hospital

A couple of weeks ago, we announced a sneak peek at EMPAC’s 2011 fall season of events, and it certainly looked mighty promising. Now, they’re released the full schedule for the rest of 2011, and it looks like they lived up to that promise.

EMPAC at RPI in Troy seems to have a little bit of something for everyone. There’s the “Eternal Return” film series, envelope-pushing music, graphic hybrids, Indian dance, cutting-edge theater, lecture series, pop spectacles and Eric Sanko’s puppets venturing to Antarctica…

And in typical EMPAC fashion, there are a number of events that cross all genre and media boundaries, leaving us utterly incapable of describing them. And we love that…

Here’s how the fall 2011 shapes up:

Now through Saturday, November 5 @ multiple venues
Céleste Boursier-Mougenot: “untitled (series #3)” and “index (v.4) for two pianos”
Glasses and bowls touch as they float through pools of water. The fragile sounds of this chance music combined with music created from the building’s network activity that plays on two computer-controlled pianos.

Thursday, September 1, 7:30pm @ Studio 2
Guy Maddin: “Tales from the Gimli Hospital”: Reframed
Commissioned by Performa 11 with the National Arts Centre of Canada, this unique work-in-progress pairs the acclaimed filmmaker’s classic first feature film with a new live score performed by an all-female Icelandic cast including musicians formerly of the bands múm and Sigur Ros.

Friday, September 9, 8pm @ Studio 2
EARBRAINS: Sonic Research Underground
A rare underground music concert featuring Fat Worm of Error, Jason Lescalleet/Graham Lambkin, Caboladies, David Shively and Keith Fullerton Whitman.

Thursday, September 15, 8pm @ Studio 1
Four Tet and Jon Hopkins
A stellar double-bill featuring two of Britain’s hottest musicians, producers and composers of electronic music performing their trademark energetic, knob-twisting beats intertwined with live video and a unique instrumental piano set.

Friday & Saturday, September 23-24, 8pm @ the Theater
Phantom Limb: “69°S.: The Shackleton Project”
Inspired by the harrowing journey of Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to Antarctica, master puppeteer Eric Sanko and his troupe Phantom Limb unite puppetry, dance, film, history and photography with contemporary music to create a stunning vision of Antarctica’s past, present and future.

Tuesday, September 27, 12noon @ the Theater
Detail View: Michael Century
“Après le Deluge, 1913-47” surveys key moments and tensions within the historical avant-garde, with examples from dance, abstract film and animation, experimental music and critical history.

Wednesday, September 28, 6pm @ Studio 2
Observer Effects: James Elkins
In this interdisciplinary lecture, the renowned art historian will discuss the differential role images play across the departments of a university.

Thursday, September 29, 7pm @ the Theater
onedotzero: “citystates 10”
The first of two programs from the international touring festival onedotzero, exploring new forms and hybrids of moving image across motion graphics, short film, animation music videos and more. “citystates 10” is an eclectic series of film responses to urban environments and fast-paced city living that presents and questions utopian desires.

Thursday, September 29, 9pm @ the Theater
onedotzero: “robotica”
The second of two programs from the international touring festival onedotzero, exploring new forms and hybrids of moving image across motion graphics, short film, animation music videos and more. “robotica” explores the ethics, social effects and pure fun of a world shared with robots or androids.

Thursday, October 6, 7:30pm @ the Theater
The Eternal Return: Time and Time Again: “La Jetée” & the Eternal Recurrence
A film program of Chris Marker’s “La Jetée” and two short films it inspired launches the Eternal Return screening series, followed by a discussion led by experimental filmmaker Keith Sanborn.

Friday, October 7, 8pm @ Studio 2
Highlights from this year’s AKOUSMA festival in Montréal, featuring artists from France, Canada and the UK playing live music over a 16-channel audio system.

Tuesday, October 11, 12noon @ the Theater
Detail View: Michael Century
“The Panacea That Failed, 1948-1974” balances the celebratory heyday of art and technology against a rising tide of disillusionment and media-archeological irony.

Saturday, October 15, 8pm @ the Theater
Shantala Shivalingappa: Namasya and Swayambbu
Acclaimed for her exquisite performances across India and Europe, Shivalingappa offers a dynamic double program of contemporary solos and Kuchipudi, a 2,000-year-old traditional Indian dance style that fuses dance, music and theater.

Friday & Saturday, October 28-29, 8:30pm @ Studio 1
Francis and the Lights: White Room
An EMPAC-commissioned pop spectacle by the reclusive singer, songwriter and pianist Francis Farewell Starlite.

Saturday, October 29, 11am @ Studio 2
onedotzero: “sprites”
A dynamic program just for kids! This specially curated selection of shorts can be enjoyed by youngsters and parents alike. onedotzero programs explore new forms and hybrids of moving image across motion graphics, short film, animation, music videos and more.
$6; kids FREE with adult ticket purchase

Saturday, November 5, 7pm @ multiple venues
DANCE MOViES Commission 2010-2011 Premieres
The world premieres of three new dance films and a video installation commissioned by the DANCE MOViES program.

Friday & Saturday, November 11-12, 8pm @ the Theater
Poor Dog Group: Dionysia
Half-man and half-horse, the wild and badly behaved satyrs were legendary companions of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and theater. Poor Dog Group brings together ancient satyr drama, imagery and lore to reinvent the term “satyr play.”

Thursday, November 17, 7:30pm @ the Theater
The Eternal Return: “12 Monkeys”
Filmmaker Terry Gilliam’s 1995 dystopian vision, inspired by Chris Marker’s “La Jetée,” in which a convict is sent back in time to save humanity from a ravaging man-made disease.

Tuesday, November 29, 12noon @ the Theater
Detail View: Michael Century
“Virtuality to Virtuosity, 1974-2011” moves beyond what some have termed the crisis of new media art today – its relegation to “cool obscurity” by the institutional art world and its simultaneous co-option by the information industries – by sketching out an anti-anti-utopian view of the potential of experimental artworks as “extraordinary freedom machines.”

Friday, December 2, 8pm @ Studio 1
An analog story of grand scale utilizing performance, live music and animation, set in the Rust Belt and featuring an original story about the American Prison-Industrial Complex.

Wednesday, December 7, 6pm @ the Theater
Robert Lue: Using Art to Express and Advance the Scientific Process
The Harvard director of life sciences education and founder of BioVisions discusses the vital and transformative role that visualizations play in science and education research.

Thursday, December 8, 7:30pm @ the Theater
The Eternal Return: “Wings of Desire”
Wim Wender’s award-winning existential film about angels who silently watch over all of humanity, comforting individuals as they confront the trials of daily life.

Friday, December 9, 8pm @ Studio 2
JACK Quartet
A string quartet performance in two acts, featuring three pieces from the ’60s to the present that play with conventions of music notation and performance, as well as a haunting 30-minute piece from the ’90s with an uncanny spectral interplay.

  1. Jason Steven Murphy says

    Thanks for the shout, Nippertown – I hope to see you all (and your readers) around the building this coming fall.

  2. Greg says

    Jason Steven Martin: But of course! Guy Maddin? We wouldn’t think of missing it. See you September 1!

  3. Jason Steven Murphy says

    Jason Steven “Martin”? Me and the other Jason M. are finally joining forces to conquer this popsicle stand! Look out, world.

  4. Greg says

    JSM: It’s been a long, hot summer, as Mr. Faulkner said. And I do believe that I have now officially “hit the wall.” Sorry ’bout that…. but you two really should get together. THAT could be fun…

  5. Jason Steven Murphy says

    I once got a phone call from someone that wanted to use my rehearsal space. When I indicated that I did not have one nor did I have access to one, the dude got PISSED OFF and really started to tear into me. It took a few minutes to finally land on him having called the wrong Jason M. – at that point, tensions were greatly decreased.

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