LIVE: Stone Temple Pilots @ the Palace Theatre, 9/11/11


What is there to say about Stone Temple Pilots’ landing at the Palace Theatre in Albany last Sunday? Well, it was late, short and pretty perfunctory.

For a concert with a 7:30pm scheduled start time and no advertised opening act, STP didn’t take the stage until 10:35pm. Obviously, not a good start…

Colorado hard-rockers Rose Hill Drive filled in about an hour of the time lag with a too-long opening set that found the quartet – led by brothers Jake and Daniel Sproul – sounding pretty much the same as when they were banging around the Nippertown club scene at Red Square and Tess’ Lark Tavern.

After another hour-long break, STP finally took the stage, whipping out crowd-pleasing tunes from their early catalog and only a pair of tunes from their self-titled 2010 comeback album – the popish “Between the Lines” and the power ballad “Hickory Dichotomy,” laced with some slide guitar work from Dean DeLeo.

And flamboyant frontman Scott Weilland made no mention of 9/11 except to say, “It was an over-average day in New York City, so if you didn’t leave on time, you kind of got stuck.” Apparently that was his idea of a memorial, as well as a half-hearted apology for the band’s tardiness.

After shaking his maracas and howling into his megaphone for a scant 75 minutes, Weilland & Co. took their bows and left the stage – their actual performance was less than half of the time that the fans invested in waiting for them…

Greg Haymes’ review at The Times Union
Excerpt from David Singer’s review at The Daily Gazette: “The volume was a little overwhelming for the Palace, but that’s the only way they play their music, and I’m sure the crowd would have traded some of the audible quality for more volume. The band played ‘Vaseline’ on their third tune, the stage dark, the movie-screen-sized graphics whizzing and exploding behind them. Here Weiland came to a small extended corner of the stage to reach out further into the audience. Dean DeLeo gave us his first of several one-round solos on this one. Maybe the same solos he plays every night, maybe not, but it was not a great effort. STP’s tempos don’t vary greatly — it’s straight up rock ’n’ roll — and drummer Eric Kretz and bassist Robert DeLeo just stayed locked into each other through the show, playing the songs they’ve been playing for years now.”

Wicked Garden
Heaven and Hot Rods
Between the Lines
Hickory Dichotomy
Still Remains
Big Empty
Silvergun Superman
Interstate Love Song
Big Bang Baby
Sex Type Thing
Trippin’ On a Hole in a Paper Heart

  1. OswegoMatt says

    They pissed me off, I had to leave early, and if they come back to town again I will go.

  2. James says

    Not sure if they will be coming back again any time soon – looks like the Palace was the last show they played, the rest of the tour has been cancelled/postponed due to Scott’s “health issues”. It was nice to be able to see them play on Sunday, who knows when they will again.

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