LIVE: Incubus @ SPAC, 9/1/11


Brandon Boyd of Incubus
Brandon Boyd of Incubus

Making a stop at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center during their US summer/fall tour,
Californian rock giants Incubus had the audience eating out of their hands soon after their first song, as they launched the Labor Day weekend a bit early.

Frontman Brandon Boyd superbly balanced his emotional, straight-from-the-heart singing with an array of stage theatrics while tackling songs that spanned Incubus’ eight albums.

Of course, the fans went into overdrive in the amphitheater when the band launched into their biggest hit, “Talk Show On Mute.” Singing along with abandon, the crowd’s collective voices almost gave Boyd a competitive run for his money.

But no worries here. Boyd was very much in charge of the bandstand, and the audience was deep in the groove right up to the encore of “Warning,” from the band’s “Morning View” album.

However, when several songs from their latest release, “If Not Now, When?” were played, the real up-to-date fans knew the score and loved every moment. The others just grooved to the flow and waited for the next song which they might know.

Openers Young the Giant were a mighty hard act to follow. These young lions of rock were hungry and out for a kill. They’re offering free re-mix downloads from their Facebook site and selling their new, self-titled disc for under $6 at Best Buy. Not a bad deal…

Review and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Excerpt from Brian McElhiney’s review at The Daily Gazette: “A large portion of the hour-and-a-half set the band played focused on their first album in five years, ‘If Not Now, When?,’ a record that eschewed the band’s metallic roots in favor of a more mellow sound. Call it middle age — though the band has always had mellower moments. Hearing these newer songs next to classics from the group’s earlier years was an odd juxtaposition, to say the least, but the crowd seemed to enjoy both the new and the old. That’s not to say the new numbers were completely toothless. Single ‘Adolescents’ moved along with much more energy than the studio version, while ‘In the Company of Wolves’ later in the set turned into a spaced-out jam as guitarist Mike Einzinger and keyboardist Chris Kilmore wove haunting lines through the song’s rhythmic skeleton.”

Young The Giant
Young The Giant
Brandon Boyd of Incubus
Brandon Boyd of Incubus
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