Workshops: The Inspiration and Craft of Songwriting @ National Dance Museum

Nancy Walker, Michael Jerling and Bob Warren
Nancy Walker, Michael Jerling and Bob Warren

Michael Jerling, Nancy Walker and Bob Warren are three of Nippertown’s finest singer-songwriters, and now they’re sharing some of their musical knowledge and tricks of the trade that they’re learned over the years.

The three songwriters will be presenting the Saratoga Songwriters Panel over the course of six consecutive Saturday mornings this fall. Titled “The Inspiration and Craft of Songwriting,” the series of two-hour workshops will begin on Saturday, October 15, and classes will be held at the National Dance Museum in Saratoga Springs.

Some of the topics that will explored during the workshops include:

1. The Songwriting Process
2. Structure and Expanding Your Musical Palate
3. Putting Your Song Across
4. Music First? Lyrics First?
5. How to Write a Bad Song
6. Ideation and Musical Variation
7. Recording and the Songwriter

The cost is $90 for the series, and registration is now open.

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