A “Breaking Bad” Encore for Fritz’s Polka Band

Fritz's Polka Band
Fritz's Polka Band

“Once is not enough.”

I can’t remember who said it – was it Friedrich Nietzsche or Jacqueline Susann? – but the quotation certainly applies to Fritz’s Polka Band.

Last month, the veteran Verona-based Fritz’s Polka Band – who lay undisputed claim to being “the first polka band to perform at a Woodstock Festival” – landed their song, “Grandparent’s Polka,” on the “Hermanos” episode of the hit AMC cable TV series “Breaking Bad.”

And apparently, the folks at “Breaking Bad” liked what they heard. Now, another original tune by the band is slated to be heard in the soundtrack of the next “Breaking Bad” episode, “Face Off,” which debuts at 10pm on Sunday (October 9) on AMC.

“We were thrilled when our song, ‘Grandparent’s Polka’ was in the episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ that aired on September 4,” says bandleader-accordionist-vocalist Fritz Scherz. “And now to think that another one of our songs will be used is simply phenomenal!

“Unlike last time, I can’t say which song of ours will be used, as there’s so much secrecy around this upcoming episode.”

I guess we’ll just have to tune in to find out…

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