Take It From the Top: Josh Ritter's "Bright's Passage"

Josh Ritter: Bright's Passage

“The baby boy wriggled in his arms, a warm, wet mass, softer than a goat and hairier than a rabbit kit. He held a blade over a candle flame for some time, then cut the cord and rubbed the baby with a wetted shirt. When this was done he laid the child in a basket near the fire and then stood at the head of the bed and looked down at his wife’s face a long moment. Abruptly, he bent low and placed his head near her mouth, staying all the while stone silent, waiting for some whisper from her lips. At last he stood straight once more, seeming to disappear into the still blackness of the low rafters as if he had become just another of the cabin’s shadows.”
– the opening lines of Josh Ritter’s 2011 debut novel, “Bright’s Passage”
Singer-songwriter-novelist Josh Ritter steps into the spotlight for a solo acoustic show at The Egg in Albany on Friday night. John Wesley Harding opens the show at 8pm. Tix are $34.50.

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